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Welcome to JavaTunnel project: a Free Java based multipurpouse tunneling system.

Primary Goal: allow intranet applications to communicate with the internet when it is blocked by a proxy/firewall.

Features (Black=done, Red=planned,Purple=halfway done):

  • Tunnel TCP/IP connections bouncing into a SSL-HTTP capable proxy.
  • Tunnel TCP/IP connections using pure HTTP as the transport layer(part ot the tunnel system must be installed at a server in the internet side).
  • Act as a port redirector
  • Listen as a HTTP Proxy(to allow transparent integration with web browsers)
  • Tunnel a TCP/IP connection into a GNU HTTPTunnel Server, using JCrafts JHTTPTunnel library
  • Java API so JavaTunel could be used as a library from other programs
  • Listen as a Socks Proxy
  • Compresion and encription filter(to compress and/or encript conversations between JavaTunnel client and server)
  • HTTP monitorization and interception (define rules to log or modify HTTP request sent using javatunnel)
  • Data logger (log access and data sent througth JavaTunnel)
  • GUI (2 flavours)
      1. 100% Java GUI, Swing based
      2. Native GUI, SWT based(win32 and linux-x86 native binaries)
  • Traffic staticstics module
  • Plugin system to extend funtionality with 3th party plugins
The typical scenario is an intranet user that only has access to the internet via a proxy, but a program needs other kind of tcp/ip connectivity from the intranet against the internet.
_/\__/\_ | Proxy / | _______________
| | | Firewall | (LAN) | |
/ Internet \----| System |--(HUB)--| Workstation/s |
\_ _ _ _/ |__________| |_______________|
\/ \/ \/
Only http/https
traffic allowed
Examples: Usage examples(JavaTunnel 0.1)
                    API examples(how to use JavaTunnel Programmatically
Javadocs: JavaTunnel 0.1 javadocs(need updating, and comments)

Meanwhile check the sourceforge project page

JavaTunnel uses(links against) the following libraries:
Apache Commons Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License
JCraft JHTTPTunnel Licensed under a BSD style license. Copyright (c) 2004 ymnk, JCraft,Inc. All rights reserved.